Custom Bird Houses

J & T Construction and Home Inspections does it all.  We can stick build whatever home you like, inspect your home, no matter the age or size, or build you a custom log homes.  But wait, there's more.  J & T Construction Co., along with a wide range of other construction and home services, creates custom bird houses.  Call today to purchase your own, custom made, bird house.

Steps to building the perfect custom bird house
  • Choose the style of birdhoue you would like.  Would you like a classic bird house, a cottage, or maybe a barn?  You could even have a bird condo in order to house several birds at once.
  • ​Choose what material you would like for the home.  We construct the bird houses out of older woods, giving the home character.  Examples include Wormy Chestnut, Cedar, Arkansas Pine, and Red Oak.
  • Pick your roofing material.  Some examples are rusty tin, copper, and the classic wood.
  • If there is anything else you want included in your birdhouse to give it an extra touch of character, just let us know.
  • Now, "Voila", you have created your own, custom bird house.

Bird Houses
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The price ranges from $25 to $125 and varies depending upon the design, material used, and amount of time and detail placed in to the birdhouse.

Let us know what you want, and we will give you a price.